Sharjah is a city of the Sharjah Emirate nestled in the southern coast overlooking the Persian Gulf. As a city rich in culture,Sharjah Cricket Stadium – the Pride of Sharjah, an Icon of the international Sports  Articles heritage and history you will find several museum attractions in Sharjah covering a wide array of themes. Sharjah is also synonymous with the sport cricket for the city houses one of the most prominent cricket venues in the world, the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.Introducing the widely popular gentleman’s game, cricket, to the Middle East was spearheaded by Abdulrahman Bukhatir. He was naturally drawn to the game, influenced by the cricket fervour of the Pakistanis, while he was studying there as a student. His relentless efforts came to fruition with the birth of Sharjah Cricket Stadium in 1982. Bukhatir was also the founder of the Cricketers Benefit Fund Series that was initiated in 1981.   The Sharjah Cricket Stadium is also known as Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium. It grew with time starting from a capacity that could hold 12,000 spectators up to a one that housed 27,000. It was completed with flood lights that were crucial during the day-night cricket matches. Sharjah stadium’s popularity rocketed following 광주 치평동 오피 the 1983 Cricket World Cup that was won by the Indian cricket team. Altogether it has hosted over 190 One Day International matches in addition to four Test matches from 1984 to 2003. Not only the international cricket tournaments but Sharjah stadium has also facilitated local tournaments of the veterans and second-string teams. This stadium served as a venue for key cricket events including the Asia Cup, World Cup, Coca Cola Cup, Singer-Akai Cup as well as the Sharjah Cup.Due to various circumstances major cricket matches were not held in this stadium for several years since 2005. And during that time they were hosted at the famous multi purpose Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi. Brushing off its dormant days the Sharjah Cricket Stadium has spring back into action once again and this time while bagging a significant accolade. This remarkable stadium in Sharjah now stands tall as the world’s first venue to hold 200 international cricket matches.Sharjah Cricket Stadium is an important icon in the world of cricket, which will continue to draw hundreds and thousands of cricket fans from all corners of the globe. Not only for the cricket fans but for any sports enthusiast it will be an inspiring experience to visit this legendary stadium with a long history. You can visit Sharjah Cricket Stadium conveniently from a luxury hotel Sharjah such as the Millennium Hotel Sharjah. This hotel offers a range of modern luxury comforts with their tastefully designed rooms overlooking the stunning Khalid Lagoon. What’s more from here it only takes a few minutes drive to reach the Dubai city centre and the international airports of Dubai and Sharjah.

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